Volume 3, Issue 2

English, Winter 2011 Better UK - English

In this issue of Better, some of the world’s leading researchers review the evidence of what
works in teaching English. The articles cover a range of issues, including the importance of
vocabulary, the best ways of teaching writing, and the importance of grammar. There are also
features on the use of multimedia to support the teaching of writing and the additional help
that is needed for EAL pupils.

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Page Title Author
4–5 Evidence-based practices for teaching writing Amy Gillespie and Steve Graham
6–7 Teaching 50,000 words Michael Graves, Diane August, and Maria Carlo
8–9 Teaching writing to EAL pupils in secondary schools Margarita Calderón
10–11 Vocabulary: What words should we teach? Andrew Biemiller
12–13 Harnessing grammar: Weaving words and shaping texts Debra Myhill
14–15 Learning to write and writing to learn Gert Rijlaarsdam et al
16–17 Teaching argument writing to 7–14 year olds Richard Andrews et al
18–19 Learning writing strategies Mark Torrance and Raquel Fidalgo
20–21 Co-operative writing with embedded multimedia Robert Slavin and Nancy Madden
22–23 The importance of evidence Jonathan Haslam
24–25 Evidence in the news
26–27 Latest research

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