Volume 4, Issue 3

Healthy bodies, healthy minds, Spring 2012 Healthy bodies, healthy minds - UK Better, Spring 2012

As this issue of Better explains, physical and mental health can make a difference to pupil test scores. Physical exercise gets us fit, produces endorphins, encourages mastery, and helps us to work in teams. Yoga may help pupils to be more mindful, getting them to reflect on immediate choices about what they eat, hear, and do. School curricula such as LifeSkills Training can boost young people’s ability to resist doing what they should not do, like taking drugs. A tired and satisfied child will sleep through the night and wake up ready for school.

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Page Title Author
4–5 Using physical education and sport to raise school standards Annette Montague
6–7 Sport and educational achievement Karen Schucan Bird, Mark Newman, and Janice Tripney
8–9 Physical activity programmes for at-risk students David Lubans
10–11 Mindful yoga for urban youth Tamar Mendelson and Mark Greenberg
12–13 Are children fit and active? Neil Armstrong
14–15 How does sleep affect academic performance? Eric Eide and Mark Showalter
16–17 Addressing school effects on drug use Adam Fletcher
18–19 LifeSkills Training and educational performance Kenneth Griffin and Gilbert Botvin
20–21 Promoting positive behaviours and self-image Chudley Werch
22–23 Helping parents prevent problem behaviour Kevin Haggerty and Rick Kosterman
24–25 Evidence in the news  
26–27 Latest research

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